Friendship can be one of the most important things in life.

Friends so close they are practically family, friends you have known for so long you cant imagine a time without them.
We all need at least one of those friends.

Communicating through just one look,
Crying over a boy/girl,
being your weirdest self,
gossiping even though you know you shouldn’t, getting revenge on that boy/girl who broke your best friends heart.

That one person you know you can tell anything too and they will understand.

That one person that would do anything for you.

Help you through the bad times and be with you for the good.

friends, quotes, and sad image
If anyone is ever needs anyone to talk to anyone im always here

Tell me about that boy you like,
Your family problems,
Your hopes and dreams,
Your fears and doubts.

Even if you just want to gossip about something pointless im here.

No one should ever feel alone.

(Just a short one to get a drifting thought in writing, if you are willing to open your messages to people react with a ❤️ to let them know)

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