There was a point in my life when i thought boys and girls were equal. I didn't see the point in feminism. In primary school we were treated equally. In middle school, I never saw the sexist things happening. Now I do. Now I can see how gender divided our society is. It isn't just gender divided, it's age divided, sexuality divided and even the color of your skin can divide you from the rest of society.

I was involved with female rights for a while, I slowly realized how women are put down and not treated equally. I suppose you could say I became even more involved with feminism once our school told all the girls that we can't tuck our jumpers into our skirts because it 'distracts the male teachers'. Now, at our school it isn't 'boys wear trousers, girls wear skirts'. However, it's only girls who can wear both trousers and skirts. Hearing the teachers tell the students this angered me. I was beyond angry. Why should I do something because it distracts male staff? They're staff members. They should be able to control themselves.

After the news of our jumpers being tucked into our skirts, I took to twitter and discovered that in the US most dress codes state that girls can't show their shoulders. Shoulders? Like really? I spoke to one or two Americans and being from Europe, we discussed the differences between the schools and gender division.

Girls and Women are the property of their father or husband in certain countries. They can't go to football games, they can't vote, they can't go into public places without their father or husband. These are basic rights that we take for advantage here, in countries where we are able to do those things.

In the UK it is 100 years since some women were able to vote. 1918 is fairly recent.

Girls and Women are thought of as lower than men in so many different countries. Some people think it is acceptable to make jokes, sexualising young children and any women they see.

Feminism isn't trying to take male's rights. Feminism is about having equality. Whether the woman is feminine or not.

Females are not an object, they are their own person.

You do not have a daughter to give you grandchildren.