The Choiyegeunband started out with a bet between friends. Choi Yegeun and her friend made a bet during their vocal classes which one of them would be able to survive the longest in Kpopstar2. On this show, she got dubbed the 'Piano Genius' and got 8th place.
After the show, she entered an arts highschool and joined Reve Entertainment, which she considers on of her best decissions. Reve Entertainment promised her to help her with her music instead of promising fame and money. This was why she chose Reve out of all the companies that contacted her.
Under this company, she tried out many different genres to see what suited her the most, after she made her debut as a soloist in 2015. During one of her concerts, she met one of her band members who went to the same school as her and he asked her to join his formation. She decided to join Lee Hyunseung (guitar), Lee Mincheol (drum), Kim Gokyeong (piano) and Kim Jeein (bass), forming ChoiyegeunBand.
The band made their debut with the single Adult in 2017. They have revealed they are currently working on a mini album, but they don't know when they will finish it.

(^^Choi Yeguen only^^)