Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article. I hope you're fine and you're having a great time. I'm so sorry that I hadn't written an article so far but I was so busy. Anyway, this article is very special because it is mentioned for the women. We are very unique creatures that need to be loved. So, we shouldn't feel disadvantaged because we are women.

  • 'We are powerful.' Even boys aren't as much dynamic as we are. Of course, they are powerful too, but we have a different dynamic that makes us stand out.
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.'You shouldn't be afraid to express your feelings.' Whatever you feel, you should say it to anyone you feel safe. You only live once, so make your life worth seeing. It's not a shame to express your opinion.

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  • 'Girls shouldn't be competitive.'We are all girls that we have the same needs. So, don't get jealous of other girls because you're a girl too! Focus on yourself just to get better and not to compete other girls. If we have done that, we wouldn't have problems with our body or our face etc.
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  • 'Love yourself to love other people and move forward.' As I told, every person is different so, girls, love your perfect imperfections because there are the reasons that make you stand out. In the future you are going to be the one for somebody else who is going to love with his whole hurt and he is gonna feel inspired and amazed by you.
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Fight like a girl

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