D was my lilac sky.
He brought happiness and bliss into my life.
He taught me to be more positive and love me.
I loved him and he loved me...
but then he met her.
Now they are attached for eternity because of what they made.

purple, sky, and sunset image

N was my hurricane.
He was the mess that made me happy.
He cried and cut up pieces of himself.
He tore down my love and built a wall of rejection.
He said he didn't love me anymore.
It left damage but I restored my heart.

hurricane irma and totesnewsworthy image

W was my purple rain.
He toyed with my feelings.
Made me believe whatever he wanted me to.
Lied and lied through these tears of mine.
"I never wanted to hurt you."
But time and time again I was the one crying and listening to "Purple Rain."

rain, neon, and purple image

E was my tornado.
He came in as quickly as he left.
He was the one who captured my heart as swiftly as he hurt it.
He was the chaos that wrecked my heart and rooted the tears that constantly fell.
He knew what he did but he never cared.

alone, storm, and black and white image

I want to fall in love with sunshine or moonlight.
I want to feel warm in your arms.
I want you to kiss me in the light of the moon.
I want you to be my moon and my sun all at the same time.

I want to be your stormy weather with sunlight shining through kind of love.