Hello everyone! I am writing this article dedicated to one of the most beautiful festivals which has been celebrated for many centuries in Italy in one of its most enchanting cities ... the Venice carnival!
Besides being a very ancient festival (it was celebrated even before the year 1000!),it also had a profound meaning from the social point of view: through the colorful masks and disguises every person who wore them had the opportunity to "forget", even for a short time, the social condition to which they belonged! It did not matter to be rich rather than poor because everyone had the opportunity to wear a costume and play a different character from those who were daily ... it was as if time stopped and every difference was forgotten through some events in particular: like the feast of the Marie, the Flight of the angel not to mention the magnificent dances!
Although over time it has had variations, its charm has never changed!
I thought about writing this short article just dedicating it to this festival such as Carnival, which although today is temporary,once involved people for entire periods! And also the masks are something that still do not cease to amaze both adults and children ...

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I really think it's like living a fairy tale...!