Antoine (19 y/o):

- French
- Bisexual
- White hair
- Wears eyeliner time to time
- Lives for music
- Earphones on 24/7
- Loves his sister a lot

boy, chicos, and guy image bed and white image je t'aime, words, and french image aesthetic and soft image

Amélie (16 y/o)

- French
- Asexual
- Loves yellow
- Writes journals
- Loves art
- Paints her body with daisies
- Loves her brother

Temporarily removed yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and art image yellow, girl, and aesthetic image

Elise (18 y/o)

- English
- Straight
- Full sentimental
- Wisdom is her best quality
- Loves poems and books
- Speaks french
- Reads everywhere and anywhere

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