Except, she wasn’t like that. She just knew that love was something most people would give up on should it get too hard, so she spared herself the heartbreak and tears, settling for alcohol and weed instead. She was happy that way, living carefree; not having to wonder about boys or worry about if they liked her enough to stay. Then, she met you.
You consumed her every thought. You reminded her of home, like the feeling she got around her dad before he passed because you were so pure… you were so raw. She was never warned to stay wary around you, in fact everyone told her that you were one of a kind. Days began to pass, those day growing into weeks which turned into months that she spent every second with you. It was so obvious that she loved you, and it was so obvious that you felt the same way. With her first love wrapped around her arm and her smile finally becoming something real, she was happy. She felt safe. She felt as though the both of you could conquer anything, and it seemed that way for a while. But as everyone knows, most times first loves don’t last. They’re something like a fairytale story, but fairytales are just that - stories.

When you didn’t fight to stay, she felt like her world was collapsing all around her. She gave herself to you in every single way, even the most innocent. She let you see what goes on in her head, let you explore the deepest parts of her soul, and you still didn’t see it to be enough. So she’ll wander the halls these next few months with tears glossing over her eyes, and she’ll go home and try to drown out the emotions in vodka, though she should know that only makes you feel more. Her covers will be stained with tears and her heart will feel as though it’s physically breaking, but she’ll walk away from it stronger than she was. You will always have a place in her heart, because first loves are never forgotten. We all know that.