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Welcome to one more article, today I'm going to make the famous "this or that" tag, so I hope you like it! Thanks for the 3.4k followers and follow me on Instagram @wtvjeni.

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Rain or shine
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Here I am a bit divided, because if I'm at home I prefer 1000 times rain, I love the feeling of being home to hear the rain falling but on the other hand I hate to go to school with rain so yah ...
long or short hair
kylie jenner, kylie, and jenner image hair, white, and rings image
obviously short hair! I'm in love with short hair and of course I also have this haircut. I feel free, it always stays well and of course it gives less work.
lip gloss or lipstick
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lipstick, I hate the feel of the sticky lips and then the hair gets stuck in the lipstick, noooo, lipsticks dry on the lips and don't bother anyone.
Fall or Spring
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I love spring for several reasons, I feel it is that moment where everything is going to be reborn, start again, from 0 and this helps me many times to start over. And of course the landscapes are beautiful.
coffee or tea
Image by ds Image by egenur cansel_lucis
I love all kinds of tea, they can calm me and of course keep me warm and on the other hand I hate coffee, I only drink it in extreme cases like studying for tests.
jacket or hoodie
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I love jackets I have more than 30, of different colors and shapes, I think it is something essential in a wardrobe.
Chocolate or Vanilla
Image by The World of M!rella chocolate, vodka, and cigarette image
A thousand times chocolate! Chocolate is the best thing in the world.
perfume or body splash
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Although I love body splash, in my opinion the perfumes (at least with me) last longer, so there is only one reason hahaha.
stripes or plaid
Mature image casual, fashion, and simple image
OH MY GOD, this is a very difficult choice, but maybe I love a little more stripes. There's no reason for me to love more, but maybe I'll get better, I don't know ...
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