Hi everyone!

Creativity has a lot of different meanings. Some people say it's more about drawing, while others think of music when they hear this amazing word.
I love being creative, it's an incredible way to express yourself!
For example, if I look at myself, I'm not really good with words but I love to draw my feelings down or to listen to music depending on how I'm feeling at that moment.

That's why I got some really handy (and free) apps for creative minds! And since creativity has so many meanings, there are a lot of different apps. From music apps to room design applications!

>A P P L I C A T I O N S<
  • VSCO
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The perfect and quickest photo-editing app!
  • Plann
Image by Marie
To plan your Instagram theme!
  • iMovie (Video-editing -> Only for Apple)
  • Canva
day, Sunday, and canva image
You really need this in your life! It's basically something between Microsoft Word and Picmonkey, but with a lot more and cuter templates! (There is a website and an app.)
  • Floorplanner
Image by Marie
For the people who like designing their dream houses, offices, shops,... (Website and app)
  • Sketches
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It's like drawing but on your Ipad. :)
  • Tumblr
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The social media for bloggers!
  • PocketVideo (Video-editing)
  • Spotify
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You've probably heard of this music app one before.
  • Wattpad
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Write your own stories with this amazing app! (Btw, you can make your book covers with Canva!)
  • Pinterest
app, crafts, and pinterest image
This app is perfect for mood boards! (Just pin what you're interested in! Get it? Haha)
  • Adobe Spark Post (Pretty much the same sort of app as Canva)

Thank you so much for reading this article! Give it some <3
xoxo Madeloe