I travel a lot, I've been in 12 different countries over past 3 years, so I'm sharing my top 5 places to visit.

1. Vienna, Austria

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I think everyone should visit the city of music. This is where a lot of classical music composers wrote and played their music. Being musician myself, I fell in love with this city at a first sight. So till this day it's my favorite place in the world.

2. Kaunas, Lithuania

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I know it's weird that city that is very near to me is in second place, but it's still one of my favorites. I was born and raised in Lithuania, so I love this country. It's my home.

3. Geiranger, Norway

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It's small village with one of the most beautiful nature sights in the world. The calmness and peace of this place fascinated me. It was my first and one of my favorite trips ever.

4. Dresden, Germany

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I really loved architecture and history of this city. Dresden was destroyed by World War II, but it's still very beautiful.

5. San Marino, San Marino

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One of the smallest countries in the world. It was very interesting experience to visit this microstate, I'm pretty sure I will visit San Marino one more time in my life.

If you have been in these cities, or want to visit them let me know by messaging me. XOXO- Auguste