DAY 07:

Oh, the songs I’m loving right now…so many. I don’t know why but when a new song comes out and it’s popular, I don’t want to listen to it, and I really don’t know why I do this. But after a few week/months I give up and listen to it.

• Aurora (Album) // Bea Miller – I. LOVE. BEA. She is amazing, her song, her lyrics. I can’t really choose a song of her because they are all amazing. So, I’m loving the whole album

bea miller, aurora, and album image bea miller, outfit, and singer image girl power, little, and Lyrics image happiness, little, and music image

• Bream // Bishop Briggs

bishop, briggs, and bishopbriggs image bishop briggs image

• Way Down We Go // Kaleo

good, music, and song image Lyrics, music, and kaleo image

• IDGAF // Dua Lipa – this song is such an awesome song. And if you just got your heart broken, this song is for you

gif, idgaf, and dua lipa image break up, quote, and text image Image removed red, dua lipa, and alternative image

• Sad Story // Merk & Kermont

• Sorry Not Sorry // Demi Lovato

bitch, quote, and demi lovato image demi lovato image

• Beautiful Trauma // P!NK

black and white, curly hair, and fashion image easel, Lyrics, and P!nk image

• Learn To Let Go // Kesha

Image removed Image removed

And this are my two favorite songs, that I will always be loving:

• Reckoning Song/One Day // Asaf Avidan

free and one day image baby, old, and asaf avidan image

• Sleep On The Floor // The Lumineers

gif, sleep on the floor, and the lumineers image black and white, couple, and easel image band, boy, and girl image angela, Relationship, and travel image
Plus the best music video ever!!

If you did read, thank you.
Love, K

Day 07 // 24.02.2018 // 20:44