I see this tag everywhere and decided to do this because it looks fun. This is my first time writing an article and this is a good way to start writing.


denim blue article aesthetic aesthetic clothes
I'm not sure what my style actually is, right now I'm just trying out different kinds of clothes that I like. Main thing is that the clothes must be comfortable.


music aesthetic pink cafe
piano // music // netflix // going to cafés with friends (yes that's a hobby)


aesthetic yellow aesthetic aesthetic


nice strong girl black
kind // positive // feminist // happy

Dreams & Goals

airplane baby couple Superthumb
travel // have kids // get married // graduate


chocolate delicious avocado food fit Superthumb
I love all kinds of foods and here are few of my favs: donuts, pizza, avocados, sushi, salads and noodles


jade madonna beauty selena gomez Superthumb camila
Little Mix // Michael Jackson & Madonna // Sabrina Carpenter // Selena Gomez // Abba // Camila Cabello // 80's music is the best


dustin Superthumb Joey modern family allison black and white Superthumb boy meets world
I have many favorite shows but these are my ultimate favorites // Stranger Things // Glee // Friends // Modern Family // Teen Wolf // Skam // Girl Meets World // Boy Meets World


gryffindor it Breakfast Club Lucy aesthetic star wars movie lindsay lohan
I have way too many favorite movies but these eight movies came to my mind first // Harry Potter // IT // The Breakfast Club // Narnia // Mean Girls // Star Wars // Stand By Me // The Parents Trap


city Big Ben Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb building
These are my favorite cities <3 // Stockholm // London // Helsinki // Tampere // Fuengirola // Los Angeles