A few people i follow did this so why not give it a shot! Just some photos which represent me.

What i look like

green eyes image industrial, piercing, and arete image hair, girl, and blue image beautiful, girl, and inspiration image

My favourite books

book, starbucks, and john green image book, harry potter, and hogwarts image book, the mortal instruments, and city of bones image book, couple, and cute image

My favourite bands

arctic monkeys, alex turner, and jamie cook image ptv, mike fuentes, and pierce the veil image fall out boy, patrick stump, and pete wentz image brendon urie and panic! at the disco image

My favourite places

ireland, scotland, and wales image Greece, travel, and city image alicia, building, and chrysler image paris, france, and sunset image

My favourite foods

pink and food image fruit, food, and healthy image food, burger, and fries image donuts, food, and sweet image

My Aesthetic

black, fashion, and leather image cuties, degrassi, and spencer macpherson image Image by Gigi lingerie, pale, and pale aesthetic image
for more reference to my aesthetic look here ;)

Hope you liked this i guess!