since i was bored i thought i'd do a little article on my fave shows, fave characters, and why they're my fave characters.

- S T R A N G E R T H I N G S -

gif, max, and stranger things image stranger things, dustin, and netflix image

- favorite characters -
max mayfield, dustin henderson


Max stood up for herself
Dustin, well, he's just downright hilarious.

- S U P E R G I R L -

Supergirl, kara danvers, and cat grant image gif, katie mcgrath, and Supergirl image

- favorite characters -
cat grant & lena luthor

- why -

Cat Grant- a true inspiration, owns her own media company, she's her own boss
Lena Luthor- is making a name for herself, won't let people ruin her reputation.

- G O T H A M -

Image by Elise gif, leslie thompkins, and Gotham image

favorite characters
alfred pennyworth, lee thompkins


idk, they're just my fave characters.

i'll do a part 2 soon, since this one is kinda lame.

thx for reading!

xoxo, Nicol