1 ; poetry

quotes, words, and book image quotes and words image book, flowers, and milk and honey image tea, vintage, and book image
i love poems, i have so many poetry books, they make me feel things, understand things, understand myself.

2 ; fashion

fashion, outfit, and denim image fashion, style, and clothes image red, shoes, and vans image fashion, style, and outfit image
I have an obsession with fashion, with my jean jacket, oversized sweaters, my vans

3 ; skiing

finland, ski, and Skiing image slope, snow, and ski image cold, february, and girls image girl, Skiing, and snow image
i ski since i'm 3 years old, and it's my passion

4 ; my best friend

Best, calm, and friend image girl, friends, and sunset image aesthetic, alternative, and best friends image friends, quotes, and aristotle image
it can be cheesy, but i love her, we have this connection and she's there for me, like i'll be for her

5 ; learning

study, college, and school image school and study image college and school image study, school, and college image
i love learning about new things, I have this interest, i want to improve myself

6 ; music

dark, arctic monkeys, and grunge image theme, aesthetic, and music image cry and charlotte cardin image Mature image
i love indie music, i listen to music every day when i go to school, come home, get ready, in the shower, when i'm chilling in my bedroom

7 ; the 80's

The Breakfast Club, quotes, and bad image aesthetic, 60’s, and 80’s image Back to the Future, kiss, and 80s image gif, 80's music, and the go go's image
i've always been a huge fan of vintage things, vintage everything, i sometimes feel like i wasn't born in the right decade

8 ; Art

art, anime, and book image black, guy, and piano image angel, art, and god image dance, ballet, and girl image
i love art, i'm just very bad at it

9 ; dance

black and white, laurent, and concert image love, couple, and dance image Image by k ballerina, ballet, and dance image
i danced in high school, but i stopped. I still love it tho

10 ; my mom

quotes, mama, and mom image beautiful, mommy, and mom image my first country and my mother was image mom, quote, and thank you image
another cheesy one, but i love and care about my mom, she's my inspiration, my idol, my confident