Exactly one week ago, 17 people were shot and killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The school shooting is one of the many shootings that has occurred and yet our government has yet to do anything about it. How many bodies will there be by the time something is accomplished? I am not a victim of this horrendous crime, I am solely a student who was given a reality check on my safety while I am in school. When the news struck that there had been a shooting, I was in class and my friend pulled out his phone, only to find out that a hateful and tragic crime had been committed. We watched the news for the rest of class that day instead of doing our work because we were mortified by the news and couldn't even imagine what we would do if we were to be placed in the same position as the students and faculty of MSD were.
I heard the stories of a few of the survivors and was so disappointed to find out that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had brought ammunition to school before, had threatened the safety of other students before and had even been visited at his home prior to the shooting and yet nothing was done to stop him.
We need better gun control. Someone with such a history should not be able to purchase a gun. Never again should a mass shooting occur due to poor gun laws risking our safety.