Hello everyone! I saw all around We Heart It the new Harry Potter Challenge. i love harry potter I am a huge fan of the books and the movies, so enjoy babes!

Hogwarts House

slytherin, harry potter, and books image

Favorite female character

harry potter, hermione, and hermione granger image harry potter and luna lovegood image
hermione and Luna

Favorite male character

harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image always, harry potter, and snape image
Ron and Snape

Female character that I hate

dolores umbridge, fantasy, and harry potter image
Dolores Umbridge

Parts that made me cry

alan, gif, and dead image harry potter, dobby, and harry potter screencaps image death, Fred, and harry potter image Image removed

Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone or Invisibility Cloak?

90's, gryffindor, and movie image
Invisibility Cloak

Favorite subject

gif, harry potter, and hermione granger image

Spells I'd use in real life

hands, light, and magic image harry potter, wingardium leviosa, and magic image harry potter, hogwarts, and spell image

Position in Quidditch

harry potter, quidditch, and gryffindor image
chaser, i love Quiddich
Thank you so much for reading this article, I hope you liked it! See you next time!