Ask questions.

You are there to learn, and with learning comes questions. If you don't feel comfortable asking out loud, simply write down your question so you won't forget it. At the end of class you can ask your teacher or professor. They love for you to ask questions.


Your professor will remember you more if you sit in the front of the class and engage with other students.

Pay Attention

This one is kind of a no brainer. Pay attention the the professor and your syllabus. It's easy to forget an assignment or miss a due date.

Keep a Daily Planner

When I start a new semester, I go through all of my syllabi and write down due dates, test dates, midterms, and finals. This way I won't accidentally forget.

Take Notes

This is one of the biggest parts of getting good grades. For each class I have two notebooks. One I take to class and write everything down, its messy and hard to read. Then when I get home, I copy all the notes into the second notebook. This one is organized and I use highlighters and colored pens. For me, taking notes this way helps me to remember what I learned. I also record all of my lectures just in case I miss an important piece of information, or if I don't get to write it down.

Know Your Professor

I never sign up for a class without going to Here you can see what other students have to say about the professors grading policy, or attendance policy. This has helped save me a lot of stress.

Do Your Work

If you have homework, do it the day it's assigned. If you have a paper, plan out your steps with a timeline so that you don't find yourself rushing the night before.