its my first article and I have to say, I'm a little scared, so i saw some popular people current playlists and i thought why don't do the same and tell you guys some of my favorite singers and their songs.

blackbear - do re mi
the 1975 - somebody else
adam jensen - the mystic
anne-marie - alarm
blackbear - make daddy proud
halsey - ( all songs....LOVE HER)
jack&jack - (album GONE)
jaira burns - ugly
melanie martinez - soap
panic! at the disco - nicotine
paul butcher - blood
VÉRITE - somedofy else
kehali- gangsta
grace, g-eazy - you don't own me
stephen - crossfire
childish gambino - v. 3005
mishlawi - ignore
jaira burns - burn slow
g-eazy, halsey - him & i
g-eazy - some kind of drug
whethan, dua lipa - high
nick jonas, nicki minaj - bom bidi bom
the chainsmokers - sick boy
julia michaels - heaven
g-eazy - no limit ansel elgort - thief
jack&jack - beg
the weeknd - odd look
jaira burns - high rollin

still not finished, not far, but I decided to only put some to not get too big ... hope you have liked and identify with them.
I'm going to start writing every week and depending on the state of mind I'll get more information about my songs.
I hope you have enjoyed it and go through my instagram "anasofiawho"
beijinhossssss peepz