Hi, I really need help, because i'm in love with him, but he doesn't know and he is kind of all I think of. Our story is pretty special and i would love if you could read it and give me some advice on what to do.
(I'm french, so i'm sorry if I made mistakes)

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Firstly, we're childhood friends. It's been 17 years. Our parents know each other and we have a cottage in the North very close to each other. Every weekend, when we were younger, we saw each other. But, it wasn't love, it was only friendship

If you want more information, I have a twin brother, and 2 other childhood girl friends who have a cottage next to us too. We are still spending a lot of time together. And we still have a cottage next to each other now.

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The thing is, he has a girlfriend.

So, i had a crush on him when I was 15. I have so many cute memories with him.

For example, we spend every new year's eve together with my other childhood friends. But, the 31th of December of 2016 was different.

I guess we were in the festive mood, but there was a DJ playing music
outside and colorful lights surrounding the stage. There was a lot of people outside and it was freezing. So, he held my hand and we came inside. Just the fact that he held my hand, meant something to me.

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Then, he said that his hands were cold, so i took them and made him feel warm. We went outside again and danced with everyone. The only thing is that , with him, it's different. We have this kind of connection, but also shyness that we're not suppose to have, because we know each other since we're babies.

When it was midnight, there were fireworks. It was very cute. I felt nostalgia. Every year, he's always the last person to hug me to tell me Happy New Year We always make sure we're the last. Then, before he left that night, he kept giving me hugs, like he said goodbye to me 20 times.

That's my New Year's Eve Story

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But since then, other things happened, other stories, other events.
Such as me admitting to him that I like him, or when he slept at my cottage and we talked, alone, till it was 5 AM. When I admitted to him that I wanted him to come to my ball, but I hadn't the courage to ask him ( we're not at the same school), when we went skating together and it was a very cute moment, when he said i was beautiful and i was the one that he would date ( because we played a game and he chose me over our other childhood girl friends).

Well I like him, and he keeps making me think he have something for me, but he's with someone else, and I can't do anything about it.

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