so I saw a lot of those challenges in which you have to picture yourself with images... well here is mine:


fashion, outfit, and style image pink, outfit, and style image fashion, makeup, and sneakers image Image removed


Image by MCLAREN - B@H@DIR lasagna image almonds, eat, and food image food, cheese, and pizza image


vogue, rose gold, and cafe image flowers, rose, and pink image rose gold, pink, and rose image girl, pink, and aesthetic image


2 broke girls image friends, love, and chandler image carrie and sex and the city image funny, quotes, and lol image


gossip girl, chocolate, and food image hannah montana and miley cyrus image medical, shows, and tv image 2 broke girls image


paris, city, and travel image Las Vegas image city, new york, and nyc image travel, Greece, and summer image
thanks for reading, scrolling whatever :)