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  • This challenge works by using your name's letters (my name is Allie, so A, L, L, I, E will be used). You must write something for each category provided.


Alone by Alan Walker
Lane Boy by twenty one pilots
LA Devotee by Panic! At The Disco
I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance
_Extraterrestrial (E.T.) by Katy Perry and Kanye West

brendon urie, panic! at the disco, and puppy image
twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image

TV Shows, Movies, Books

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
(the) Long Walk by Stephen King
La La Land {movie}
It by Stephen King
E.T. {movie}
yes, I didn't include TV shows because I couldn't find any I've watched for my letters.

book, alice in wonderland, and tea image
aesthetic, book, and books image


Awkward very, very, awkward.
Loving I care about people a lot.
Lazy heh.. very lazy.
Independent I do things on my own.
Extra I am different and I stand out.

?, b&w, and bad image
weird and quotes image

Celebrities or Characters

Adele European singer
Lindsay Lohan actress in Mean Girls
Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars
Ivanka Trump well... we all know who this is XD
Emily Skinner model and actress (this is the younger one born in 2002 with the blonde hair btw. There's another Emily Skinner not to be confused with.)

Image by arzu

http://celebmafia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/emily-skinner-social-media-pics-06-07-2017-1.jpg <<<WHI had no images, so I had to copy from the internet. :(


Apples I hate them, but love the smell.
Lipstick I only wear mauve colors.
Lingo I'm very bad at speaking it.
Impossible I can be impossible to deal with at times.
Excited about learning I love learning, but not the result of it-homework.

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