1- I'm 21 years old

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2- I'm so cazy about horoscopes

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3- I'm cancer sun, scorpio moon, saggitarius ascendant

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4- I love Greek mythology. Artemis is my favourite Goddes and Hades is my favourite God.

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5- I love Astronomy and to learn the story behind the names of constellations.

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6- I'm currently studying Moleculer Biology and Genetics

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7- I'm half Turkish and half British

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8- I'm in a distant relationship with a Palestinian man for nearly 3 years (like mother like daughter) (https://weheartit.com/hamza_wael_qadri love you <3)

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9- I've been playing the piano since ı was 5 years old.

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10- Even though I'm so scared of a lot of stuff I still love to read and to do researches about creepy, uniqe and weird things.

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Now it's your turn. I hope you enjoyed... xx