Hey guys! this is my first article,so i hope you enjoy and find something you may like in this random mix.

  • Arctic Monkeys-Do I Wanna Know?
arctic monkeys, purple, and grunge image
  • Arctic Monkeys-R U Mine?
arctic monkeys, alex turner, and grunge image
  • Arctic Monkeys-I Wanna Be Yours
arctic monkeys, grunge, and simpsons image
  • Arctic Monkeys-505
Temporarily removed
  • Imagine Dragons-Believer
sky, grunge, and purple image
  • Imagine Dragons-Demons
rainbow, alien, and aesthetic image
  • Nirvana- smells like teen spirit
kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image
kurt cobain and nirvana image
  • Twenty One Pilots-car radio
twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and tøp image
tyler joseph and lane boy image
  • Twenty One Pilots-Heathnes
twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image
  • Twenty One Pilots-Ride
twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image
  • melanie martinez-cry baby
pink, cry baby, and melanie martinez image
  • Lana Del Rey-young and beautiful
  • lana del rey-born to die
purple, lana del rey, and aesthetic image