How do we react when we catch ourselves falling in love?

Some people believe it depends on our zodiac sign and many other things, but have you ever asked yourself why you seem to have this exact reaction?

I get really sad when i catch my feelings growing for someone and i've always asked myself why. Why do i feel the need to cry? Why do i stop talking to this person? Is it because i'm scared of love? Or of the heartbreak? Or of what they both could do to me?

My friends, on the other hand, have so much different reactions from mine, it stresses me out. One of them gets really flirty which isn't that bad if you think about it, but others start to feel trapped or scared, or start doing silly things.

What is your reaction? Do you fear love?

Or you take the news with open hands, ready for the new oppurtunities?

Isn't it actually difficult for us not to act this exact same way? I've always told myself that i should be happy about it because i like to be positive about things, but maybe i'm a hidden pessimist and a love cynic.

We all seem to have our own way. But how do we change it if we don't want it? If it doesn't fit our new selves? If we can't change our zodiac sign, what do we do?

Here we have to ask ourselves as what we take love for. For a gift from God? For a trick for tourchment of the devil? Or for something normal that just happens?

Then we have to change the way we think in order to prevent the following reaction from that. And of course, we don't have to just stop thinking and just feel.