Blair Waldorf is more than just Serena's best friend. Among everything B went through she rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Here is everything Blair taught me
1. Style is everything
From her clothes to her public showdowns, B always made sure that whatever she was doing, she did with style and her signature touches. This helped her remain true to who she is

2. You can't run from who you are and who you love
As much as blair tried to change towards the end of the series when she was with Louis, she always knew where her heart was and where she belonged. You can't run from who you are, and you should never be ashamed

3. Strength
B is undeniably strong. She does what needs to be done when she needs to. When Chuck was fighting the infamous war against his father and Blair was taking over her mothers company, she put her feelings to the side to become to businesswoman she always wanted to be.

4. Ladies first!
Blair loved chuck but at the same time, she never let him run her life. When he made mistakes, she walked away. From the moment Nate and Serena's Sheppard Wedding scandal surfaces, B realizes she doesn't need a man. And she is right.

So heres to you, B.
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