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DAY 3: Top Three Pet Peeves

Even if I try to be as positive as possible, there are certain behaviours and aspects of life that drive me completely insane. In addition to this, I'm a person that can't keep an opinion about something to herself - especially if it's negative and something that bothers me. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'd like to learn to be a little bit more "fake", just to avoid having confrontations that could've been easily avoided by keeping my mouth shut or just controlling my facial expression/body language.
So here are the three things that make me forget all my parents ever taught me about politeness:

1: Princesses/Princes (aka: Spoiled brats)

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cute in the movie, but still

What do you do if someone can't take a NO for an answer? Can't do anything for herself? Can't stand it not to be in the center of every spotlight every living second? I have so many everyday-life-examples I come across every single day of my life I could easily write a book about it!
The most common example of spoiled girls are those princesses you can barely have a conversation with, everything has got to be about them. With barely any common knowledge, the only thing those princesses know to talk about is themselves; what they like, what they dislike and their current "life dramas" ( such as the nail that broke, her chapped lips, her boyfriend that doesn't answer in 0.0002 seconds...).
On the other hand, the most common example of spoiled boys are those idiots that keep screaming/yelling around every time the attention isn't completely put on them. These kinds of guys especially make me sick when it comes to them having to deal with rejection. They do not understand the syllable NO.

2: Bossy people

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Excuse you?

There is nothing worse than a hypocrite telling me what to do as if they were the king/queen of the world, without caring even just one second about other duties I have to pursue (Yes, school, I'm talking about you). Especially this pet peeve often causes conflicts in my life: I can not control my eyeballs when this happens. Rolling eyes is not necessarily polite, but being bossy neither.

3: Sweaty hands

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on others and on myself

I just happen to have the horrible curse of having sweaty hands really often due to bad blood circulation. This causes me to be incredibly avoidant to touching other people, especially their hands. Dealing with it is very annoying. Since I myself find it gross to touch sweaty hands, whenever *I* have sweaty hands I feel like chopping them right off. (Small tip for the ones with the same problem as me: Drink water with some drops of salvia extract once or twice a day it really helps, is natural and doesn't close the pores, which would cause cancer.)

- Eli