Hello Hearters! :)

What I want to talk about today is challenging, too. It affects you're whole life, so I wanted to talk about it. There are many parts included and I picked the one that are the most important.


If there's something wrong with your bank account or in your apartment something is broken, you have to call the right people and talk to them/explain them your problem. I hate talking on the phone, but most of the time there's no other way to handle it. I used to ask my mom if she could call them, but I can't do that anymore. So just gather your courage and do it.

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If you feel treated unfair, you can talk to these people. I had to do a presentation this semester and I didn't understand why my professor deducted me some points. So I asked her, what she didn't like and how I could have done better. When I told her, she admitted that she forget to see through my valuation again. She agreed that I should get these points. I even got a better grade. I was really scared to ask, but it was absolutely worth it.

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If you didn't understand something or you don't know it, you can ask someone. Nobody knows everything and wanting to know things, is a really good quality. So keep on going. In my lectures I ask really dump questions sometimes. I'm ashamed that I have to ask them, but my professors are happy that I want to understand it. Mostly nobody says a word during lecture, so they are happy if you think through the subject and stay interested and focused.

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If you have a problem, most of the time you know who could help you. It's no shame in needing help. Everybody has problems and especially at school or university you're probably not the first one with this problem. Try to explain what doesn't work out the way you want it to and how the situation could be changed. Your teachers will help you, as soon as they realize that you really try to benefit from the opportunities you're given.

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There is one rule you should never forget:
When you have to deal this other people, be respectful and nice. Your opponent treats you mostly like you treat him. If you smile at them and talk in a kind way, it's really hard to gripe at you. Try to explain your matter as objective as possible and don't make any personal attack.
If you have trouble to find the right words spontaneously, you can think it through in advance or even take notes what you want to talk about. I do that a lot, because it gives me reliability.

Here is the first part of my series:

I talked enough for today! I hope this helps you. See you soon!