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A p h r o d i t e

Aphrodite was an Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. She was the most beautiful of all goddesses in terms of appearance, but her personality was rather damaged because she is described as weak and frightened as well as ill-tempered and easily offended. She had many affairs with both gods and mortals. The reason behind all of this might be that she had no childhood and never learned how to deal with a relationship.

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A t h e n a

Athena, the goddess of wisdom and military victory, and also the patron of the city of Athens, was Hercules' half-sister. Her parents were Zeus and Metis, a nymph. Zeus heard a prophecy that the child Metis bore after she gave birth to Athena would become the lord of heaven, so, to prevent this from happening, he swallowed Metis while she was still pregnant with Athena.

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H e r a

Hera is the Queen of the Gods and is the wife and sister of Zeus in the Olympian pantheon. She is known for being the Goddess of Marriage & Birth. Despite being the Goddess of Marriage, she was known to be jealous and vengeful towards the many lovers and offspring of her husband Zeus.

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A n a h i t a

She is the Persian goddess of virginity, water and war. This badass' temples often were filled with sex, and she became one of the main women who wanted to find great strength within themselves.

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H e l

Not much is said of Hel except that she is the Norse goddess of the underworld, a pretty badass title. She was sent by Odin to Helheim/Niflheim to preside over the spirits of the dead, except for those who were killed in battle and went to Valhalla. It was her job to determine the fate of the souls who entered her realm.

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K a l i

Kali is most famous for killing the demon Raktabija. When Raktabija was wounded, his blood would turn into a clone of him, so other warriors could not defeat him. Kali, unfazed, shows up and drinks all of his blood, killing him. Also, she has the power to destroy the entire universe if she so decides, but only chose not to because her husband, Shiva, lay at her feet to pacify her.

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H e c t a t e

Originally she was a powerful Greek goddess associated with plant lore, crossroads, and protection. Zeus himself didn’t like to cross this lady, and he basically gave her whatever she wanted and let her do whatever she wanted. Since then, Hecate has become associated with witchcraft in the neopagan tradition. She’s seen as a very powerful trifold goddess who has power over the earth, the heavens, and the underworld. She also embodies female power and knowledge and teaches magic.

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A n a t

The Egyptian goddess of fertility, war and sexual love, Anat is a rather paradoxical deity. She was also considered to be the mother of all gods and her lust for war and blood earned her the title of Wanton Goddess. As a goddess, she was ruthless on the battlefield, but where her people and children were concerned she was known to be a gentle soul.

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I x

The ancient Mayan goddess of the moon, Ixchel was also the goddess of fertility. She fell in love with the Sun God, married him and gave birth to four sons, namely - the four directions. However, the Sun god was a rather jealous fellow and was under the belief that Ixchel was cheating on him with his younger brother. After giving her husband many chances to change, she decided to leave him for good. After this, she attended to pregnant mothers on earth and tended to them in their hour of need.

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