Depression.Something that people don't understand.
Depression is an emotion,so deep and dark.
Depression.Some people have it,not everyone have.
Depression.Emotion that so hard to forget or not to notice.
Depression.Make's everything dark and hard,even when it's not.
Depression.Making the point of view about the world look's... painful,and difficult to defeat.

Depression.Why do we have it?
The world is a bad place, the people in this world,some of them can be good,but others can be bad and depressing.The world can be also a good place but it depends on you.Every human have his point of view about the world,it can be bad or good.For example,my point of view is bad.I can't see the good things that the world tries to offer me.It's like I have a demon inside me that prevents me from seeing the better parts of the world.But it can't be like that,I can change my thoughts.It's hard but with help,I'll may can succeed.
Pills,something so tiny,but can make me so happy.Pills can make everything better.Make me forget all my problems and be focused about the good things in my life.
This is me,my life.I take pills everyday to reduce my anxiety and...well,kind of to help me think that the world not always a horrible place.
But i'm trying to overcome it.trying.