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It's The Movies Day! Today I'll list five favourite movies and, as you know yet, I am really bad with favourites, but I am going to try.
Movies are one of my passions. I love going to the cinema and come back home full of new stories, lines and feelings.
Since I had a new powerful wifi, I started to download all the movies I had not seen yet or the ones I can't watch to the cinema. That's why I choose a day a week (or more than one) in which I can see one of those movies.
On this list I will try to collect old movies of my childhood and new movies I saw with my method.
Let's start it!

1) The Mummy.

Mature image the mummy, Brendan Fraser, and egypt image 1999, adventurer, and desert image the mummy, couple, and egypt image
"The Mummy", with the sequel, is one my favourite movies ever. It is a huge part my childhood: I used to play with my cousin living the same adventures and I watched it and rewatched it so many time to learn all the lines. The cast is awesome: Brendan Fraser as "Rick O'Connel" is the perfect hero of the story, so hansome, so funny, so misterious. Rachel Weiz as "Eveline Carnahan" is played by a great actress and is so smart beautiful and spreads so much girl power. I ship them so hard. Arnold Vosloo as "Imhotep" is a perfect evil character and his love story with Patricia Velàsquez as "Anck-Su-Namun" is one of the best and she is really beautiful. John Hannah as "Jonathan" gives the funny touch to a dark movie. The rest of the cast is amazing too, of course, but is the story to be so charming and gave to me more passion about this enchanting part of the history.

2) Mrs Doubtifre.

mrs doubtfire, funny, and robin williams image actor, comedian, and hollywood image Image by Private User cake, frosting, and funny image
"Mrs Doubfire" is GENIAL. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It is a part of my childhood too and even today me and my cousin remember the lines.Robin Williams was one the most great actor in the whole world and I had been so sad when I discovered the sad behind a man who gave me so many laughs.

3) Lion.

lion image lion and Dev Patel image Dev Patel image Dev Patel, lion, and love image
This movie brooke not only my heart, but my whole body and the deep of my soul. I always says that this is not just a movie but it is REAL LIFE. This is a real story and of course is not the first movie from a real one, but this is different. Every lines, every gesture, every scene and every actor describe exactly what happen in real life, how much a story like this can be hard to live and touch many aspects and point of views of a huge topic that make you think and maybe change your prospective about. Dev Patel is also an amazing actor as the others, adults or children, who played on this movie. The last soundtrack, "Never Give Up" by Sia made me cry so hard as today and as the pictures on the screen. I recomend to all to see this movie because, trust me, it will change your life.

4) The Pretty One.

movie, nick, and quotes image movie, movies, and pretty image movie, movies, and pretty image aesthetic, movie, and movies image
This is a very underrated movie and I don't know why. It's so aesthetic and so poetic. The lines, the scenes, this incredible bound between the two sisters is so intense and Laurel, played by Zoe Kazan, has this personality and this hole in her heart in which I see myself. She is a very great actress who played two amazing and different roles as Jake Johnson who plays Basel. He is one of my favourite actor and he is perfect for his role. Also, one of the songs of this movie that conquered my heart is "Bunny in a bunny suit" perfomed by Simone White and it is so perfect to describe Laurel and to describe me.

5) Saving Mr. Banks.

emma thompson, saving mr banks, and tom hanks image disney image text, saving mr. banks, and disney image disney, hollywood, and Mary Poppins image
Why people doesn't see the beauty of this movie? Because it is another masterpiece as the other movies I list here, I am devoted by Walt Disney for what he created and I really wanted to meet him after seen this movie; Tom Hanks gave him a great interpretation. I love how they showed the creation of a movie at the studios and of course I love Pamela Lyndon Travers, played by Emma Thompson, who gave her the interpretation of a person who loved so much the story she created and she wrote as she loved her father, played by one of my favourite actors, Colin Farell. He made me think about my granfather, who I lost few years before I saw this movie and it made me cry my heart so hard as the scene in which she cried watching the real movie of Mary Poppins. It is very intense movie and I am still wondering why every people who saw it had not the same feelings.

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