I've seen this kind of articals lately and thought "why wouldn't I do it myself?!"
It will be fun and a bit of a challenge for me since there are 7(!) different letters in my name,plus I'll try to pick shades & include images that shows about me.yayy.
So here it is,my name in c o l o u r s/


aesthetic chanel hair aesthetic
E- Emerald
cake blue black Superthumb
L- Lavender/Lava
fashion fabric
I- Ivory
Superthumb aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb
R- Ruby
aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
O- Ochre
building fashion bouquet beauty
N- NewYork pink(I checked,there is such colour)
Superthumb boots art
A- Azure

Thanks for watching my list,hope you liked it:)