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today i wanted to write about something special and close to me, books.
they're everything to me during my free time, but i don't like the non-fiction kind, AT ALL!
this is why i want to share with you three books i've read in the past.

1.The fault in our stars
i haven't seen the movie, to be honest. i don't feel like watching it for some reasons.
basically, the story is about a girl named Hazel, a cancer patient, who goes to a cancer support group and meets Augustus. a lot happens after wards ( read it to find out what i'm talking about😉). until Augustus scores an invitation to meet the reclusive author Peter Van Houten, he and Hazel embark on the adventure of their brief lives.

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*2.Girl Online (all three books. lucky me!).

Penny lives in Brighton, England, while her best friend Elliot lives next door. her mom (Dahlia) got a business in Brooklyn, New York, where she had to coordinate a wedding. Penny, her mom and dad, and her best friend Elliot flew to New York, and the story begun. she met an American boy called Noah, and lots of things happened ( again. read it to now what i'm talking about). after Dahlia finished her business there, they flew back to England. Penny had to deal with lots of stuff, including her anxiety.

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just in case you didn't know. the blue book is the first one, the purple is the second and the orange is the third.

3.All the bright places

the story is about two people, Violet and Theodore Finch (Finch). both have different characters, both in the same school, and both very deeply unhappy. Violet is unhappy because she lost her sister, and Finch is a very complex character with a mental illness. the two of them meets, and the story starts with them up on the bell tower of their school, about to jump. and the story follows on from that with them forming a friendship, and showing how the two are very, very different people can come together and really make a difference in each others lives.
(thanks to Zoe (Zoella), i wrote what she was saying on one of her videos, though. i'll leave you the link of it, just in case you want to check it out.

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zoe's video link i was talking about:https: //

thank you so much for reading! if you want to know anything about the two books and that one book series, let me now right a way.

best wishes,
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