Hello, dreamers! I am here today to write my meals of the day. I will try to write more than one type of dish, so you have options if you want to follow what I eat. Hope you like it!

I have a vegetarian diet, so it can inspire you to become vegetarian, or find new healthy recipes!

I'm doing like I'm on a weekend, because if I did on a normal day I would not have time to have breakfast at home, just at school!

Send me messages about anything 💖, and if you want to ask for a suggestion for next week's article!


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First option: I eat a sliced banana (I use an apple sometimes too), with oats, chia seed (it's a wonderful thing, you'll see me talk a lot about it) and some cinnamon🍌

Second option: It's a fruit ice cream, I do not do much because sometimes I feel lazy, but it's very good and healthy! The base is always a frozen banana, and I put strawberry and blackberry, but you choose any fruit. Then add two tablespoons of chia. You can put oats on top if you want! 🍦🍓

Third option: Whole wheat bread toasted with any type of filling. Usually I put white cheese, with tomatoes and some greens. (Filling ideas for the bread: avocados, healthy cream cheese, only with butter - choose a butter with less fat if possible) 🥪

Note: I already mentioned this in the other article, but I drink a glass of water with a lemon squeezed before eating, that is, the time that I wake up. It is very good for digestion, and makes you lose a few pounds. 🍋


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First option: I usually eat brown rice, beans, some salad (lettuce with tomato and cucumber) and some vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, beet, etc. 🥗🥒🍴

Second option: This recipe is incredible, it's vegan, and it's one of my favorite dishes. The recipe is zucchini noodles with peppers. You just buy the zucchini cut into thin strips (or already buy it cut), and then cut the peppers into cubes. Put to cook with enough seasoning, and in the end adds a small amount of sauce (you choose the sauce, I use the tomato sauce) 🍝🥒🥢


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First option: Eat again the bowl of banana with chia and oats, and some cinnamon. 🍌

Second option: Cut fruits, or just a fruit, like apple, papaya, melon, kiwi, etc. (There are so many options haha) 🍓🥝🥑🍉


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First option: Eat zucchini noodles with peppers 🍝🥒🥢

Second option: Make a healthy bowl full of vegetables. I usually make the bowls with sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber. Grab the things you like best and put everything inside a bowl, and make a healthy and much-loved meal. 🥗

Third option: Soups. Soups are a healthy method of eating vegetables that you do not like. For example, I do not like pumpkin, so my mother makes a pumpkin soup, and I can eat it, because the vegetable melts with cooking. 🍵

💦 Note: During the day I drink lots of water. And you need to do the same, our body needs to be always hydrated. Carry a bottle full of water always with you and DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! 💦


Don't forget, you can not deprive yourself of what you like, if you want to eat, eat! If you get accustomed to a healthy diet for two weeks, or even a week, you'll be able to see the difference it makes in your body and in your mind. 😊

Tips for healthy eating:

  • Don't eat foods with white flour (bread, cakes, biscuits, etc.)
  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon is very good for fast metabolism and good digestion
  • Take a glass full of lemon water every morning
  • Add chia in most meals (Chia is a seed that doubles in size when it comes in contact with liquids. So when you eat it, you have the feeling of having eaten more food than you actually ate)
  • Be inspired every day by photos of health food or fitness life. Whenever I feel unmotivated, I come to WeHeartIt and get a picture of healthy food.
  • Always think that this is something good for you and your body. You are doing it for yourself, and for good health.
  • Search for healthy recipes on the internet. For example, I love brownie, but brownies are very sweet and unhealthy, so I've learned how to make a vegan and healthy brownie recipe that is wonderful.
  • Don't blame yourself, no one is perfect. If you fail one day, calm down, you'll have more days ahead.


If you can not stay for long without eating sweet or anything else unhealthy, choose a day of the week for you to eat what you want! Chocolate, brownies, cookies, pizza, burgers, but always think that the next day you should come back with healthy eating hahaha 🍔🍟🍕🍫🍰

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So that's it guys, I love you guys! I wanted to thank you for all the support and for all your love! If you want to talk to me about anything send me a message, I'm here for you!

See you soon, dreamers! xX

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