We did not even know each other that long. But it felt good, maybe that is why we got a good connection so quickly. I trusted you and you did the same it was okay. A safe feeling. You told me a secret. You liked a girl very much, I helped you with your feelings. You where there for me too, you were always ready for me. I felt so comfortable with you.... and yeah, then came the sweet words, the effort, the attention. I liked it, that was what I thought. But suddenly I knew I didn't like the words, the attention.... no I liked the person. I loved him. But I was scared, I mean he was my best friend, I did not want to lose a best friend AND a boyfriend, if we broke up. Yet I took a relationship. I have trust in it, I have hope. I'm young so why not? It happend very quickly, some people think too quickly. That is nonsense because it felt good and why do you first have to date someone for 3 months before you get in a relationship. In love is in love, I want to enjoy him as a (boy)friend, because he is my best friend and boyfriend.

XOXO A girl in love