Why am I always sad?
Why do I bother crying over things I shouldn't be crying over?
I shouldn't be allowed to be sad, I can't miss pieces that I already have.

I always think to myself, does anyone even love me? Why do I not have those friends everyone else has?

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Why did I push that person away that used to make me happy? Didn't they make me feel happy? I'm sure I could fix it on my own, right?

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I couldn't, stupid, this is why none wants you - but don't try to be someone else because of this, just be by yourself. That will surely make you feel better, because you know yourself by this point, right?
But why do I feel betrayed when that person goes to be with someone else, when I was the one to push them away?

Because I said to myself that I knew I was gonna be okay, I was not. Stop hurting everyone else, you're better off alone.
But why am I so selfless? Am I even selfless? Or is that selfish to say?

People tell me I'm selfless because I care more about others than myself.
Why did I push away the person that used to make me happy? I tried to fix it but we suddenly because an unsolvable puzzle, we fell apart. I made us fall apart, but was it for my sake or theirs?

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It was for my sake, but why do I wish for them to come back. Are you stupid? Do you think they know when they should come back?
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It's better to hurt yourself than someone else, you get used to it and it'll be fine.