Little Mix is one of my favorite bands. I basically listen to nothing else.
I saw these guides on youtube a few times and wanted to try it, too.
Don't take this too serious, btw.

This is the second part of the guide, if you want to read the first part, visit my profile or click on the collection:

Little Mix Eras.

1. Dna-Era

Image by hhj
  • 4 Singles:
video, DNA, and little mix image
1. Dna.
jade, leigh-anne, and perrie image
2. Wings.
Image by arzu
3. Change your life.
jesy nelson, perrie edwards, and jade thirlwall image
4.How ya doin.

Some DNA-Era Facts:

  • very colourful Outfits
  • and very colourful Hair.
  • LERRIE was the Number 1 Ship.
  • Perrie still had her deep voice
  • nobody was able to understand Jade
  • "Beatbox-Jesy"

Salute Era

little mix and salute tour image
  • 4 Singels:
jesy nelson, perrie edwards, and leigh-anne pinnock image
1. Word Up! (has never been on an Album)
little mix, perrie edwards, and salute image
2. Salute.
Image by QueenBey
3. Move.
Image by aylathecrybaby
4. Little Me.

Some Salute-Era Facts:

  • lots of black an red
  • Platinum-Hair Perrie
  • lots of empowering songs
  • good dances
  • in my opinion the best era.

There are two more eras, the "Get weird"- and the "Glory Days"-Era, but im going to write another article 'bout them bc I don't have more time right now. :D
If you don't want to miss it, follw the collection. :))