Have you ever just wondered why those pair of eyes would always pop in your head when you're just about to fall asleep? Have you ever wondered why you seem to always hear his voice but when you turn around, he's not there?

So here comes the question - why is it so difficult for us to forget someone and is it takining as much time as it actually took for us to fall in love with him?

We seem to be always rushing in the forming feelings and relationship, too hungry to love and to be loved again, that we don't really realize what is this burning pain in our hearts, caused of the heartbreak. So we can't help but ask ourselves:"How long it'll take for it to be gone?"

It turns out that we find certain things in the person we love and we sort of get used to them so much, that we grow some kind of addiction. And like every other addiction, love needs a replacment to be forgotten. That's why we start eating so much junk food, go out to get drunk every night or return to every other bad habit we always tried to stop.

So we have to start something new in order to busy our minds with so we can't think about our exes. That doesn't need to be an old bad habit. It can be yoga, poetry reading club, youtube vlogging or just anything you always wanted to do, but never did.

There's no doubt that it's going to be hard. But sometimes waiting for the time to cure our pain is much harder and we suffer much longer. So grab your matt or your pen and a sheet of paper and cure it yourself.