So today I'm writing about depression, its something that is very common in this world. People need help, for those who cant speak for themselves I write. I write to make sure these people can express themselves and I really hope that some people out there get this. Okay my intro is long enough, here is my poetry or something like it about depression.

Depression feels like coming out of a battle with your own ocean and knowing it hasn't stopped storming. With another wave still coming, feeling the water in your lungs that makes you feel more dead than alive. You try to breathe, you try to take a really deep breath to make sure you don't drown when the next wave comes. But it's still not what you expected, it hits you. The feelings, the sadness, the thoughts of not being good enough, the insecurities. But still you try to be positive even you know it won't be good enough. You fight against it, but every time you fight you sink deeper. No one knows how deep you've been sinking, it gets dark and alone. You still have oxygen, but there is no fresh air. So you ask yourself: 'How long is it gonna take until my lungs wil explode?'. You don't force yourself enough to keep your mouth closed. Your body is filled with water and your muscles stop trying. You stop trying and you scream. Nobody will hear you, you see the last oxygen glide of your lips. Now you are a part of an ocean that is made out of fears, anxiety, insecurities, sadness and depression. You don't need water to drown, oceans can be made out of other things. The problem is while I scream, no one will hear my voice and society will never see the difference between sadness and depression. Its not just being sad for a while, its something that is always with you. That keeps you awake at night, that makes you feel alone and devastated while there is nothing. But there is everything at the same time.
- L.H
So this was my article about depression and if you struggle with depression or anything like that please message me. Talk to someone, I know its hard but you wont regret it. I promise, I love you, you are beautiful^^
have a great day!

Xoxo Liv