Well hi there~
I'm here sharing a few books that i fell in love with during the past few months on wattpad. They're actually written by a friend of mine so if you want you could check her out ~
Like, the way that she writes a story is for me at least, unique because each chapter is titled with a word and when the story's done, she explains why she choose that sentence and it always has such a great meaning to it ❤️️
(also she has like 55+ stories so there should be something that you like as well)
So anyway, for the books;

1. Folded corners

I folded corners of perfect and imperfect moments in our life

I just love the way how each chapter ends with how Wonwoo loves something about her and honestly, I can't, it's so sweet 😭😊

2. Blind

Blindness isn't a disability, it gives you the chance to see more than the others can see with their own eyes

Like the way she explains it is that we all are limited to what we can see but once we close our eyes, we can see more. Get it?

3. Grim reaper

death is something you can't choose. it's what's written on you since the day you were born

This book has Hoshi as protagonist and tbh, he's such a baby and I love him for it~

4. Flowers

Flowers are given by those who watch from far away and just want to hold you in their arms

This book is legit the sweetest story i have ever read, no i'm not exaggerating lol. She even gives each flower that comes in the story its meaning and my favourite flower so far is; the pink roses - i admire you -

5. Dreams

dreams are nice nightmares that we want to relive again

It's kinda a sad story but I stil love it so much~

That was all tbh, if you wantyou can check out some other articles that i wrote ❤️️