There's a lot of thing i dream about, and i would be the happiest person on the earth if i do them before i can't anymore, or before i die.

1- Visit Autralia

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Obviously, i mean, it's one of my biggest dream, Australia means a lot to me and i don't even know why, it's so beautiful.

2- See a Volcano

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I know it's pretty impossible, but i find it both intriguing and impressive. And it can be a very good experience, although dangerous.

3- Go around the world

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Just imagine you go around the world with your best friend or with the person you love, omg one of my biggest dream too and i'm sure you dream about it too.

4- Live a story like no other with someone

Image by OneLove🥀
I read a lot of love stories, I watch a lot of love movies, so I dream a lot about love. Yeah that sounds ridiculous and stupid but I would love to live an incredible love story like in movies or books.

5- Create a movie

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My imagination has no limit. A would LOVE to create a movie with one of my ideas, I would love to choose the characters.

6- Being a main character in a movie or a tv show

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Obviously, but guys you can't know how much i dream about this. My biggest dream ever is to become an actress, I love theater even if i do not do theater. Unfortunately it's almost impossible. I'm a shy person and i live in a country where the cinema is not very famous. But it's still a dream that i love dreaming about.

7- Dye my hair in grey or another color

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My mother will never let me dye my hair but I would love to have grey hair, white or pink hair. I don't know why

8- Jump of a cliff

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I have no word. Adrenaline will be at its height

9- Go to a concert

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Any of them, just one of them. I've never been to a concert and only god know how much i'd like to do it.

10- Go to Las Vegas

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You guys don't know how much Las Vegas also means to me. I'ts so beautiful, so colored, you feel like you're in a dream. I hope one day i can go to Las Vegas.

So that's it, here are the 10 things i'd like to do before i die. There is a lot, lot, lot of other things I would like to do too but if you want a second part, leave a heart. Kisses