Hie guys so this is my first article ever on this social app so no hates please i'm trying it for the first time ever.I'm sure i'll get better with time.
So......i'm talking about the worst pain we can ever experience right and i bet most of you already know what that is - heartbreak.When your heart is broken , it can feel like the end of the world truly , honestly there is no other pain closer to this type of pain. i mean speaking from experience the struggle is just so real. it makes you hate love with everything you've got...makes every other guy or girl that comes after your heartbreak not good enough or undeserving of your love. Believe it or not! I mean not everyone has experienced this but the few people who have gone through this phase can relate.Heartbreaks hurt because it is so hard to let go of the very same person who inflicted this pain on you and no matter how hard you try they always come surfacing back into your life.not to mention the tears we shed for those same people.According to sources the pain is actually real and has effects on the body itself!!!!