Is it that hard to be in your early 20’s? Does anyone felt the same when he was the same age? Is it normal to have those feelings? Should we feel like this?
Is everyone feel emptiness within his heart? The feeling that we need someone who can comfort us, hug us, hold our hand and say ‘it’s okay, everything is going to be okay’. Then you realize that you only have your tears to comfort you.
The fact that we realize that you are lonely, doesn’t change the way you are living with, waiting for destiny to do his job, then you remember that you are living your destiny since you had your first breath.
What is destiny? I do not think that I have that big background in life to define destiny, but if I have to, I will say that destiny is something decided by someone who is more powerful than you are.
20’s are weird, all what you think about is love, money, happiness, it’s a bridge between childhood and adults, its swaying between playing around and taking responsibility, it’s really painful, for me at least.