Dear you,
today I wanna write a different article about some of my favorite artists which are so underrated despite their talent :(

Let's start!

1. Vance Joy

♭ Nationality: Australian
♭ Genre: Indie pop/folk
♭ Last album: Nation of Two (out Yesterday)
♭ My favorite songs: Riptide, Saturday Sun

blue, aesthetic, and ocean image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image
Riptide; the song that made me fall in love with his music ♫
Image removed accessories, aesthetic, and black and white image
Saturday Sun; I discovered it recently and I can't get it off my mind ♫

2. Grace Vanderwaal

♭ Nationality: USA
♭ Genre: Pop
♭ Last album: Just the Beginning
♭ My favorite songs: Moonlight, Burned

moon, sky, and purple image purple, sky, and aesthetic image
Moonlight; it seems like the lyrics were written for me ♫
rose, fire, and flowers image rose, fire, and flowers image
Burned; it gives me so much power ♫


♭ Nationality: Norwegian
♭ Genre: Dream pop, Soul
♭ Last album: All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend
♭ My favorite songs: Murder Song, Running with the Wolves

aesthetic, butterfly, and murder image The Shining, redrum, and murder image
Murder Song; it ticks me so bad and I love it ♫
aesthetic, animals, and dark image adventure, aesthetic, and dog image
Running with the wolves; I love the sound and the lyrics so bad ♫

4. fun.

♭ Nationality: USA
♭ Genre: Indie pop/rock
♭ Last album: Some Nights
♭ My favorite songs: Carry on, We are young

cigarette, yellow, and aesthetic image aesthetic, bambi, and carry on image
Carry on; it has that "retro" sound that freaks me out ♫
grunge, milk, and cereal image grunge, smile, and happy image
We are young; it makes me appreciate youth so much more ♫

That's all, I hope you will listen to at least one of these talented artists, they deserve to be known!


in case you were interested ;)