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Hi girlbosses! I am Ab, secretlyagranger. I am here with the last instalment of the #StudySmarter series, a student series that was greeted warmly by the We Heart It community. Thank you so much for your support of this series!

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➼ Important! -

As I mentioned before, this article is going to be the last in the #StudySmarter collection and also the last article I may write for nearly 2 weeks. The reason for this is that I'm going on a hiatus, from the 23th of February, Friday, to the 13th of March, Tuesday.

My finals are starting from the 26th of February, and after them I'll be promoted to the 8th grade. This examination is highly important for me, since after passing it I'll go into 8th, and shortly into Pre-9th. In my country, the 9th and 10th grades are extremely important, and influence your college and university results later. Also, there is a lot of competition in my class for getting the highest grades and position, and since I'm always top of class, I have to maintain my position and prove myself against the 10 or so students competing against me. That's why I have to do my best.

To focus better, I'll be on a hiatus for approximately 16 days, two weeks and two days. I'll be back on weheartit during my spring break, and I have lots of ideas planned for my return to we heart it. I'll delete this app on my phone and not touch it on my laptop, since using it will affect my exam results. I'll be banning all kinds of mobile and media use for myself. Only that way I can save valuable time and perform well.

During my hiatus, I'm sure I'll miss you beautiful people more than ever, which includes my friends on here and my 1k. We Heart It has become an irreplacable part of my life, and I've fallen in love with this community. However, I'll be back soon, with a lot of fresh content, which will make up for my absence. And I prioritize my study over my social media, due to which I'm sure I can handle the time spent away from We Heart It, no matter how much I love it, with ease.

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Moving on, in this article we will be taking about Med(ical) and Engineering. I've chosen these subjects as a large majority of students tend to study them, although many students nowadays are choosing different subjects. I'm also torn between these two majors, as I love both equally.

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I hope this article helps to polish your study skills! Always keep an open mind, and a determination to succeed!

➜ Engineering -

Engineering is highly logical and intelligent. I do agree that it can be difficult, but here are a few tips that will make majoring in engineering easier.

  • Know how to handle the computer. Nowadays, most of office and daily life work is done on tech devices. You can't expect to learn engineering if you don't know what a start button is. Be familiar with the computer, know its programs, accessories, and little tips and tricks. Try knowing extra information, almost like a computer expert. It won't hurt to know about mobile phones, laptops and other tech devices either.
  • Practicals are best for learning. Even though you may have to answer questions and M.C.Q.s, you learn the best when you do practicals. That way, what you learned in the question comes to life by your hands, and learning the question seems easier, since you now know how the structure works. Same goes for other exercises, since you now have the memory of the practical stored in your mind, you don't need to cram everything from your book or lecture.
  • Find a mentor. Engineering is not something that you learn from a book, or a lecture. You need a teacher for it, a human guide who can help you in in any way possible. Because if you can't understand something, there's a high chance the answer will not be available in the textbook. In that time, you need a mentor to give you an exact answer to your question. If this isn't possible, subscribing to some student engineering blog or joining an extra credit engineering class can work.
  • Physical learning is best. Of course, you can be a verbal or auditory learner for all you know, but when it comes to engineering being a physical learner is best - which means that you learn best by movement of body. This way, you will always have some practical to do at range, and will not feel bored fixing some device or handling the computer. And you will enjoy those long sessions working on the computer, machine, automobile or some other device.
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➜ Medical -

Being a med student can be challenging, and you may feel like giving up at times, but believe me, going on is worth it. So, I've listed down handy tips to help you study med.

  • Know basic med operations. You can't expect yourself to become the next Cristina Yang if you don't know how to bandage a person. Knowing basic med operations and facts is crucial to starting your learning. You should be versed in Biology, and should know how to operate a frog or a cockroach . Basically, know the starting information in medical by heart, so that you are prepared for the much harder information about to come later.
  • Learn as much as you can. Whether it is about diseases or surgeries, whatever topic you are studying, know as much about it so that you can give a presentation or write an essay about it without any former preparation. It won't hurt to know a bit extra knowledge, and will help you out in examinations if you get a question your teacher or book hadn't acquainted you with. Looking for extra credit, reading a book on the same topic, watching a video on the said topic and listening to a helpful lecture can be effective.
  • Find the study way that works best for you. There are a thousand effective tips to study medical, but none of them will work correctly until you find the just right one. For some students, writing lengthy and neat notes can work best, while for others making pretty diagrams can be most helpful. There are many quizzes available on the internet that can help you discover your own learning style. Here's the site I found most helpful -
(by the way, do subscribe to The Student Room!)

  • Give your best. Either if it is an operation, an examination or just a presentation you are performing, give your all to it. Studying medical requires a lot of hardwork and time, and you can speed up the process better by study smarter, not harder. Write notes with diagrams, headings, examples, doctors, discoverers, all of the information. Perform operations, listen to lectures on the internet, pay attention, ask questions, find creative ways to study. Work your best. One day, all the hardwork will pay off.
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I hope this article is helpful to you! Thank you for reading and hearting! Work hard and be the queen you are!

Thank you to all the people who follow and support me! Your love is among the few reasons due to which I regularly upload weheartit! I love you, my 1.1 k! Thank you very much!

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I hope that your coming days are as beautiful as you are! Stay amazing, girlbosses!

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