this is an updated version of my old article called "this is me":

i felt the need to make it better so here we go ♡

basic stuff

➸ my real name is aitana but you can call me nita (among all the nicknames i have lmao done with myself)

➸ luna is my artistic name for music stuff :'))

➸ i'm 18, spanish and female

➸ i'm tol

➸ my biggest dream since little is being an artist. dedicating my whole life to music and performing. so i'm working on it!!

➸ cancer sun & moon; virgo rising. infj-t. neutral good. hufflepuff


➸ honestly, i see myself as a lot of different things at the same time. i'm akwardly loud and extra but also introvert, quiet and observant. i'm really extrovert and talkative through internet, kinda like a social butterfly, but actually not that social in real life tho. i'm really sensitive and empathic, and hella moody.

things i love

➸ music, art and dance

➸ kpop ((bts are my sunshine and oxigen))

➸ anime, and especially ghibli films they make me so soft

➸ fashion, i love expressing myself through it

➸ i'm a hoe for astrology

➸ cats, yes i wanna have 20 cats someday

➸ idioms, i'm pretty good at them

➸ van gogh, he's my favorite artist

➸ music from other decades, classical music, ballad/acoustic songs omg i'm so soft for them

➸ computing and technology related stuff. i'm in fact studying web programming !!

that's all! you can message me anytime, i'll be so happy to talk to any of you. have a beautiful day ♡