// chill //


volume three

tattoo, art, and statue image sculpture and aesthetic image girl, aesthetic, and art image art, aesthetic, and statue image

Get You - Daniel Caesar feat. Kali Uchis

Fair-Weathered Friend - Bruno Major

No Less - SG Lewis feat. Louis Matrrs

Devil Eyes - Hippie Sabotage

We Won't - Jaymes Young feat. Phoebe Ryan

art, hands, and aesthetic image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image girl, aesthetic, and art image Mature image

Stoop So Low - Alextbh

Unwind - Healy

Psycho. Pt. 2 - Russ

Janet - Berhana

Poison - Brent Faiyaz

If you have any song suggestions feel free to send them to my sarahah :)

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