seen a lot of people on WHI doing this challenge lately so i decided i would do it too:)

kfashion, clothes, and fashion image aesthetic, clothes, and kstyle image Image by call me H girl, kfashion, and body image fashion, girl, and outfit image girl, fashion, and outfit image
STYLE -i dont really have a certain style, i like to switch things up. sometimes i like hoodies and sweats, and sometimes i like skirts, and dresses-
Image by Maddy makeup, eyes, and beauty image Image removed girl, hair, and maggie lindemann image fashion, outfit, and beauty image art, draw, and drawing image
APPEARANCE -i have blue/green eyes, wavy dark drown hair and tan skin-
aesthetic, book, and sarcasm image art, artist, and paint image Image by quiero chocolate it, lover, and movie image adventure, quotes, and tumblr image quotes, motivation, and Dream image
PERSONALITY -cute, funny, sarcastic, adventurous, artistic, sporty, kind, musical, creative, hardworking... sightly evil XD-
riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image riverdale, pop, and vintage image teen wolf image stranger things, eleven, and tv show image
TV SHOWS -riverdale, stranger things, face off, teen wolf, the block-
sushi, food, and pastel image food, cheese, and yummy image amazing, asia, and delicious image food, salad, and tomato image food, fries, and French Fries image fruit, food, and summer image fanta, pink, and aesthetic image pizza, food, and yummy image
FOOD/DRINK -sushi, pizza, fries-
flowers, spring, and white image london, Big Ben, and england image travel and adventure image japan, street, and asia image beach, summer, and sunset image summer, beach, and sea image
PLACES -korea, japan, china, New Zealand, tailand, england, LA, broa bora, france-
nike, fitness, and fit image art, paint, and passion image coffee, study, and computer image candles, cozy, and lifestyle image makeup, red, and beauty image music, magic, and quotes image lights image bird, girl, and camera image
HOBBIES -art, sport, movies, chil, writing, makeup, listening to music, photography-
february, quotes, and text image book, chapter, and christmas image
BORN -febuary 12th-
india, bollywood, and indian image makeup, indian, and muslim image Image by diana_QH Maori image london, flowers, and travel image beach, summer, and blue image
NATIONALITY -Indian, Maori, English, Scottish, Kiwi-
Seventeen, jeonghan, and kpop image bts, jungkook, and jimin image kpop, twice, and momo image red velvet, joy, and wendy image Image by Angela_P selena gomez image zayn malik, boy, and zayn image beauty, eyeshadow, and makeup image
SINGERS -BTS, EXO, Twice, Blackpink, red velvet, Seventeen, Selena Gomez, Camilla cabello, One Direction, Little mix, ZAYN, troy sivan etc-
rainbow, neon, and aesthetic image gigi hadid, kendall jenner, and model image friends, girl, and best friends image asia, city, and korea image vans, shoes, and black image car and Lamborghini image quotes, blue, and cigarette image seoul image
RANDOM -neon, grunge, fashion, equality, friendship, kardashians, travel, quotes, gigi hadid, zendaya, shoes,cars, asia, kpop etc-

Ok. so this obviously isn't everything otherwise this would be way to long:)
but i hope you liked it.