Galaxy - Ladies' Code

theme, blue, and rp image kpop, zuny, and ladies code image galaxy and ladies code image theme, dark, and black image lavender, purple, and theme image galaxy, girl group, and hands image

Through The Night - IU

iu, lee ji eun, and girl image autumn, fall, and window image aesthetic, beige, and flowers image iu, lee ji eun, and korean image iu and lee ji eun image alien, hoe, and korean image

New - Yves

yves, loona, and ha sooyoung image moon, sky, and blue image yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image gif, yves, and loona image kpop, yves, and fondos image colors, dark, and grunge image

Night Rather Than Day - EXID

exid, hyelin, and le image aesthetic, kpop, and music image aesthetic, kpop, and mv image le, solji, and hani image aesthetic, le, and pastel image aesthetic, exid, and kpop image

Galaxy - Bolbbalgan4

gif, bolbbalgan4, and ahn jiyoung image theme, stars, and aesthetic image galaxy, grunge, and quotes image bolbbalgan4 image gif, ahn jiyoung, and bolbbalgan4 image grunge, theme, and aesthetic image

This was fun to create and I might consider making a second part ♡ I've seen many articles like this but I was inspired by:

♡Her/His Article♡